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You Are What You Eat

Oct 25, 2023 | ingredients, labels

Real talk comin at ya! 

Let’s talk about what real, whole food means. All food is not real food. All food is not whole food. This you probably already know. But I want to introduce you to what a real & whole food lifestyle looks like.

 Let’s take a walk.

When most people think of real, whole food, they think hard, expensive, & lots of work. While it does take some effort, it doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy with the right tools in your toolbox. That’s where this information comes in. I am going to give you 2  simple tools that you can use to become efficient AND effective in your journey for better health.

First thing is knowing how to read labels. Taking the time to get to know hidden ingredients on the front end will save you so much time in the long run. Doing this will allow you to skim labels quickly before putting them in your cart instead of having to stand there & do a read & look up game (super time suck) so that it’s only adding maybe a couple minutes to your trip instead of an hour. I highly encourage doing the leg work on the front end of your journey to set yourself up for success. If you’re like me, you don’t want complicated at the store! I am going to help you uncomplicate the process.

What you want to do is familiarize yourself with fake food. You can do a simple google search for this if that’s easiest. You can google “chemicals put in food to make them shelf stable” or “chemicals they put in food to make them taste good”. That will give you an idea, but don’t let it overwhelm you. You’re just  becoming  familiar, you’re not memorizing.

Second, take to your pantry! Let’s  see what you have that contains these ingredients. You could make this fun & take a before picture!  I’m not asking you to throw out food. Rather, start looking for better versions of those foods. For instance… If you buy marinara, you can find one with plain ingredients, or make your own which is super easy. Think Pinterest here!!! It’s not hard. It just takes some effort. 

Here’s where you’ll be glad you took that before picture…. And here is where you’ll want to take an after to see your progress. This is so encouraging & will motivate you to keep going. This process is self paced. Go at a speed you’re comfortable with emotionally & financially. There is no rule that says what your speed needs to be. I promise that after a very short time with these slow & steady changes, you will begin to feel better & have more energy. You will begin to heal from the inside out. Steady IS a pace. Consistency is key! And if you get discouraged just remind yourself… YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!